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Contact Details and Hours

Mainland Design Centre

323 Madras St ( corner Peterborough and Madras Streets), Christchurch New Zealand

Carpark Entrance

The carpark is off Madras St.

Contact Us

P: +64 3 379 1561

F: +64 3 379 1565

E: info@mainlanddesigncentre.co.nz

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 8.30 to 5pm

photoMainland Design Centre is a very special place: a haven of design, where you are invited to experience some of the best furnishing products that the world has to offer. A like-minded group of businesses forged a Design Centre as a Trade Resource, but where all are welcome and encouraged to visit and appreciate such fabulous things. Located at 323 Madras St ( corner Peterborough and Madras Streets), MDC boasts excellent parking, wonderful natural light, and without doubt the best product available. Be inspired, however MDC is a resource and is unable to offer a design service or quote prices. Please see each indiviudal link for Designers, Retailers and Resellers, or feel free to contact us directly. ‘Mouse over’ the companies below to link to each website.